Taleggio is a semi-soft, washed-rind cheese. The washed rind is thin and moist and the color vary from rose to orange. As it ages, it may develop a layer of white and grey mold, all very edible and adding to the character. It is quite aromatic, yet mild in flavor, and features some tangy, meaty flavors with a fruity finish. The texture of the cheese is moist-to-oozy, with a very pleasant melt-in-the-mouth feel. The combination of the soft texture, pungent aroma, and buttery flavors has proven to be a winner.

shelf life in refrigerator is 2 months . It can be kept frozen though the texture will change from soft to crumbly.

pairs with melon, strawberries , cherries, figs and peaches. Adds flavor to all pasta dishes.




Calories in Cheese Taleggio

Nutrition Facts

Generic – Cheese Taleggio

Fat content 48%
Nutritional values
(per 100 grams (3.5 oz))
energy 294 kcal, 1,230 kJ
protein 18 g (0.63 oz)
fat 25 g (0.88 oz)
calcium 460 mg (7.1 gr)
phosphorus 360 mg (5.6 gr)
magnesium 22 mg (0.34 gr)
vitamin A 450 mg (6.9 gr)
vitamin B2 280 mg (4.3 gr)
vitamin B6 131 mg (2.02 gr)
vitamin E 4,450 mg (68.7 gr)

1kg, 500g, 250g


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