Parma John


A special recipe by FCM . a substitute to Parmesan with a difference of taste and appearance. This hard mature cheese tends to be salty , savory , hard crumbly and slightly  pungent taste. it can easily be frozen for ages . Best results on pasta , spaghetti and noodles.



This is a special recipe made by fcm. Parma John is an aged hard cheese which is made to substitute parmesan with a different and sharper flavor . This tends to be hard ,crumbly, mild , sweet and savory with salty notes of almonds . It has a flavor of cow milk and sour cream with a caramel after taste .

Child 4-6yrs Male 30-60yrs Female 30-60yrs
Energy 21% 14% 18%
Protein 106%  50% 60%
Calcium 139% 111% 111%
Phosphorus 85% 85% 85%
Magnesium 21% 13% 13%
Zinc 40% 22% 27%
Vit B2 34% 20% 28%
Vit B12 280% 210% 210%
Vit A

1kg, 500g, 250g


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